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  • Kella Tripple Detox, detoxification is much better than standard detox.
    The three features are:

    1. Colon Detox  circle beta glucan from yeastcircle chicory rootcircle garcinia   2. Lymph Detox    3. Blood Detox   circle wheatgrasscircle unknow
    Clean up the colon for more efficent absorption of nutrients, revitalizes the colon by exercising muscle back to healt, reduces constiption and prevents the accumulation of toxic substances that may couse colon cancer.   After a colon cleanse, the body will be able to efficiently transport nutriens into the blood-stream and lympahtic system. This resulting in an efficient lympahtic system.   Boots oxygen levels in the blood-stream. Wich results in a better blood circulation, especially for those who struggle with polycythemie and/or excessive toxin in the blood.
    After the first application an improvement occurs within the first seven days. The three extracts are of global significance.

    SOD – Superoxide Dismutase 


    FOS – Fructooligosaccharide 


    OPC – Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin 

    circle french melonIt's the most efficient antioxidant. It's not digested in the stomach and it's absorbed directly into cells. It protects our cells (which are damaged by free radicals). Acts as antioxidant and enhance the immune sytem. It protects our main organs, such as the eyes, joints, blood circulatory system and reinforce their efficiency. It diminish frechles, melisma and dark spots. It also brightens the skin, reduced red spots and wrinkles.   circle chicory rootIt's a substance from prebiotic chicories. A nutrious fiber that encourages beneficial microbes to grow and flourish. It also helps the colon function to work normaly. The best quality and most well-know FOS in the world is chicory coot.   circle raspberrycircle blueberryIt prevents arterial occlusive. Helps the flow of blood cirulation. Reduced heart disease. Protects capillary from getting brittle or breakingeasily. Relieves varicose vains, osteomyelitis and scleroderma. Reduced asthma, prevents dementiaor Alzheimer's disease. Prevents the formation of cataracts as well as the deterioration of eyes. Helps vision adjust more effectively in the dark. OPC obstructs free radicals from destroying the DNA of our cells and prevents them from turning in cancer cells. OPC can also prevent wrinkles, melisma and freckles.

    Kella System - the three B's

    circle cactuscircle chicory rootcircle beta glucan from yeastcircle beans
    Contains a variety of quality extracts to prevent starch, sugar and fats from being absorbed into the body. The body becomes free of toxins accumulated from daily activities.


    circle raspberrycircle african mangocircle beanscircle garcinia
    Contains extracts acquierd from various locations worldwide to burn ans eliminate fats, that have accumulated in the body. Benefits the abdomen, upper arms, upper legs, hips and blood vessels. Result in improved health and a firmer body.

      circle q10circle wheatgrasscircle french meloncircle blueberrycircle raspberry
    Combines extracts to revitalize cells after they are drained from metabolism and burning accumulated fats. Contains highly active enzymes that rejuvenate the body. Creates and repairs DNA and RNA in the cells.
  • I discovered that the network marketing is the life, because I do not like any work that forces me into a framework as ever.
    Life's like that, they've been already in the frame. Life is not developed or changed. A bowl of cold dish it's like the walking dead.
    I ask myself every day:
    • Is that life a rich opportunity?
    • What changes you? ...none!!!

    Since then, I have to answer to myself. This made me decide to study network marketing.

    "I knew immediately that network marketing gives me what I've been looking for all in my life."

    • What about you? You own it?
    • Life is what you want?
    • What kind of life do you want?
    • What will make you live the way you want?

    Your choice!!!


    This great opportunity. It's right in front of you.

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"Kella Tripple Detox, detoxification is much better than standard detox."

Miss Tanradee Chotwuttitanadej